About his Work

The photographic art of Anne van Houwelingen

doordrenkt landschap in pasteltinten

Anne van Houwelingen loves majestic landscapes. The challenge lies in bringing the sensation of light, smell and sound into a single image. To share with the viewer what the photographer felt with all his senses at that instant, in that place.

A photographic camera is a poor substitute for our senses. We see the world in three dimensions, feel the wind our skin, the sun on our face. Our eyes scan the world and give us a composite feedback: light, dark, far and near. To convey the majesty of the landscape I work a lot with the interplay of shadow and light to add depth to the image. Furthermore, I love to render landscapes in big formats so that they eye needs to travel, unable to take in the image as a whole, forcing it to follow lines and patterns, discovering new elements in the details. I love seeing people look at my work round-eyed, alternatingly coming nearer and stepping back again, for then I know that I’ve succeeded at capturing the wonder of our natural world.