Praise on Iseh

A client's praise for Iseh - Spirit of Bali

The long shadow of Walter Spies

This work is called “Iseh – Spirit of Bali”. My wife and I bought this work last month at an art fair. It needs no explanation that this is a beautiful work of art!
It shows craftmanship and a love for photography as an art form. But also a zen-like way to look at nature and man.

Anne van Houwelingen combines this craftmanship with a connection with his customers. Replacing the original wooden frame with something that we liked more was not a problem. We were invited to a framing shop run by a local painting artist. Anne and his wife were both present to help us find a replacement frame. We made our choice and after a week Anne van Houwelingen delivered the work in person to our home.

And then something else: Why does an artist, like I am myself, buy art? It is for the love of art and it inspires me even more in making my own art. Inspired by this work I wrote the haiku below.

the plantations
methodically arranged
with no clear pattern
in their lines planting women
curve themselves into commas

the Gunung Agung
palmtrees over sawas
partially faded
in a yellowed picture
from an age-old cardboard box

would she be aware of
this interplay of bright light
and silhouettes
with her hat on planting rice
ever and again

a mere moment
and it is all gone the sun
recaptures the morning
regular downpour
on steaming buffalos and
nude little children

bent women
planting their orderly rows
stooping low

Pom Hoogstadt
English translation: Johan Zonnenberg