Iceland Winter Wonderland Photo Tour

Photography tour to Iceland in Winter (February 2014) now available

Winter in Iceland is a photographer’s delight: waterfalls are frozen over, icecaves can be explored and in favourable conditions, the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) can be experienced.

Photographic opportunities
In order to prepare for next winter’s Iceland photography tour, I set off for Iceland in early March 2013. I explored Iceland’s wintery beauty and photographic opportunities in depth. You are welcome to watch the ‘Behind the scenes’ footage below and be inspired by it.

Join me on a photo tour
My regular photography tours cater mainly to Dutch-speaking amateur photographers. I do however, also offer tours and photography workshops on location for individuals and small groups. Having in-depth knowledge of many destinations the world over, workshops can be arranged at photogenic locations such as Alaska, Namibia, Iceland or the Provence. Should you want to join me in Iceland or on some other photographic journey, just let me know. You can contact me here.

I’m in Iceland. At the beach. In winter. It is cold but I don’t even feel it. The icebergs, large and small, that litter the black lave sand tempt me to keep photographing them at different angles. A man walks up to me and, smiling broadly, says:  “I just LOVE your camera bag!” It’s Andy Biggs, the renowned wildlife photographer that is, in fact, the spiritual father of my trusty Kiboko photobag. I bought it when Andy was just starting-up his company Gura Gear. “I sold that model out of my garage, you know.”