About the Artist

Anne van Houwelingen: Vistographer


Anne van Houwelingen (1963) is a university graduate in Astrophysics who has been fascinated by light all his life. After a career in Information Technology and having held management positions in several international companies, he started his own company, Vistography, and became a full time professional nature photographer. As an artist, he strives to pass on the strong emotions that light and nature bring forth. Emotions that catch your breath when the sun suddenly breaks through the clouds and creates an interplay of light and shadow. Anne’s aim is to create an impression that transports you to the location, to that very moment and to bring the emotion to the viewer’s heart.

Having been trained as an astronomer, Anne has been fascinated by the story that light tells from a young age.

I was six years of age when the first man landed on the moon. The moon, planets, stars and galaxies have been with me ever since, taking me to University where I received a degree in Astronomy. At the same time, the urge to photograph our own planet took posession of me. My uncle spent a year in Suriname and came back with beautiful pictures of a world unimaginable to me. By then I knew I wanted to be a photographer, visiting and photographing all the wonders of our natural world. I am still at it, and will be for a lifetime.